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ServerMania (TMUF и TMNF) v 0.99
[ · Скачать удаленно (1.1 Мб) ] 15.11.2006, 23:34

ServerMania это программа, позволяющая осуществлять более простую настройку, запуск, и контролирование сервера TrackMania.

Позволяет управлять сервером через окно программы. Может менять на лету карты, кикать, банить игроков, функция Random map, приветствие на сервере и много всего полезного.


Единственный минус - ест ресурсы и тормозит


Для работы программы нужен .NET Framework 2.0


История версий:

ServerMania 0.98 :

  • Fixed : Warmup setting was not properly saved with cup mode.
  • Fixed : Vista access rights issue by using user special folder if necessary.
  • Updated : "ShowAllOpponents" setting changed to new format (since 2008-06-10 dedicated server).
  • Updated : Server name field now accept up to 75 caracters.
  • Added : "RoundsForcedLaps" game settings for Cup and Team modes.
  • Added : Ladder min/max server limit configuration settings support.
  • Added : Hide FAST Window option.
  • Added : Possibility to create a game or spectator relay server.
  • Added : Support of "Allow spectator relay" game server option.
  • Added : New missing file downloader and software update system.
  • Deleted : Do not use Easy Update system any more.
  • Deleted : Do not use ini file for user settings any more (using new xml file).

ServerMania 0.97 :

  • Fixed : Race results HTML file was not showing all game settings.
  • Fixed : Race results HTML file was generated before player list being updated with last round results (round modes).
  • Fixed : Guest list was saved in wrong location.
  • Fixed : Callbacks were not enabled if authentication passwords were not the default ones.
  • Fixed : Issue with loading packmask setting from config file if set to "nations" or "sunrise".
  • Fixed : Some files rights handling to prevent write access problems.
  • Updated : Better connection to server system with retry/cancel choice (if server is not ready on launch or on disconnection).
  • Added : Possibility to enable/disable buddy notification.
  • Added : Account validation key setting support.
  • Added : Option to run a FAST instance automatically on main controller load.

ServerMania 0.96 :

  • Fixed : FAST launcher command was not functional.
  • Updated : Specific player list display in team mode.
  • Updated : New welcome message style with closing button.
  • Added : Supports new Forever mode Cup.
  • Added : Supports new Forever Warmup phase.
  • Added : Possibility to export race results to HTML file.
  • Added : Possibility to force player team (player list context menu).
  • Added : Possibility to force player spectator state (player list context menu).
  • Added : Support of new forever server options (AutoSaveReplays, Referee, HideServer ...).
  • Added : Support of new forever Packmask and P2P Cache Size settings.
  • Added : Support of RoundForcedLaps Round mode parameter.
  • Added : Possibility to set FinishTimeOut parameter in Team (and Cup) mode.
  • Added : Support of new forever DisableRespawn, ForceShowAllOpponents game settings.
  • Added : Possibility to play tracks directly by double clicking them in "local challenge" tab.
  • Added : Shows some tool tip help on mouse hovering some parameter header.
  • Added : Possibility to join server using tmtp protocol.

ServerMania 0.94 (UE)/0.90 (CE) :

  • Fixed : Error on disconnection of several players.
  • Updated : Track announcement at race begin could now be turn on/off.
  • Added : Possibility to be connected as "Admin" or "User".

ServerMania 0.93 (UE)/0.89 (CE) :

  • Fixed : "Connection Lost" message when closing server even if main controller window is closed.
  • Fixed : Chat lines was written several times if switching between launcher and controller window.
  • Fixed : Inserting challenge on remote server.
  • Fixed : "Unknow Host" error could occured while connecting to some remote IP.
  • Fixed : Can't start stopped internet server remotely.
  • Updated : Tricks to improve memory usage.
  • Updated : Code filter function rewrite (could break server playlist display update).
  • Updated : Chat is now only showing previous and current map dialog.
  • Updated : Player List's update improved (better use of server callbacks to reduce request to server).
  • Updated : Features that move challenge in server playlist now remember the selected challenge.
  • Added : Chat target notifier on chat tab.
  • Added : "Advanced Network" tab to local server configuration and simplified "Network" tab (UE Only).
  • Added : Context menu to player list as an alternative to classic command buttons.
  • Added : Context menu to server challenge list as an alternative to classic command buttons.
  • Added : Ability to move a challenge (check) to any place in
    playlist by using "move to highlighted challenge" context menu command.
  • Added : Ability to Start/Stop a FAST (installed) script on server (UE Only).

ServerMania 0.92 (UE)/0.88 (CE) :

  • Fixed : Initialization directory of Save/Load MatchSettings file function was not correct.
  • Fixed : Connection issue when trying to connect to a remote server by giving its IP.
  • Fixed : Chat lines duplicate itself on refreshing.
  • Fixed : Finish Timeout setting was not properly saved (United Edition).
  • Updated : Adding challenge on remote server is now working.
  • Updated : Welcome message can now be : disabled, default, custom string, manialink page file (United Edtion).
  • Updated : Player List and Local challenges list now support both string and numeric sorting.
  • Added : Main server controller window is now sizable.

ServerMania 0.91 United Edition :

  • Updated : First United Edition (exclusively supports TrackMania United) - based on 0.87 CE Edition.
  • Updated : Welcome message and Random Next track infos are now displayed as ManiaLink message box.
  • Added : Possibility to ignore players.

ServerMania 0.87 Classic Edition :

  • Fixed : "Kick" was not in the admin action dropdown list.
  • Fixed : Player ladder ranking was not properly displayed.
  • Fixed : Current challenge is better hisghlighted in server playlist as it was before.
  • Updated : Ports input fields, extended to 5 digits.
  • Updated : Challenge importation function has been improved a bit.
  • Updated : "Close server on exisiting" procedure has been improved.
  • Updated : A different Chatlog file is written for each server.
  • Updated : Update check is restricted to versions lower than 0.91 to avoid unwanted upgrades to future TMU edition.

ServerMania 0.86 :

  • Fixed : Error that prevents from setting up a remote server if it's the first created server.
  • Fixed : Local server "Force IP" option was not properly saved.
  • Update : Fully reworked controller interface.
  • Update : Now uses new XmlRpc interface by Flo.
  • Update : Communication with server has been improved to reduce call number thanks to the new XmlRpc interface capability.
  • Update : Remote server control has been optimized.
  • Added : "Import" function that allow to easily import challenges
    (from other folders or URL) to the server local challenge collection.
  • Added : Possibility to Randomize server playlist.
  • Added : Possibility to move up/down a challenge in server list.
  • Added : Possibility to add a player to guest/black list even if he is not currently connected on server.
  • Added : Possibility to ask ServerMania to download required files to run a dedicated server when setting a new local server.

ServerMania 0.82 :

  • Fixed : Player best time was best times addition of those preceding it instead of his own best time.
  • Fixed : Many player related features were not working because of added player infos in players list.
  • Updated : Chat clearing delay is extended to 6 hours instead of 2 hours previously.
  • Updated : Fully reworked options management.
  • Updated : Config file is now automatically created/managed by ServerMania.
  • Updated : Server settings are now also saved to config file so that it remembers them.
  • Added : Clicking on systray icon shows an infos balloon with more infos than default tool tip.
  • Added : Launching server system and Server list management so that several servers can be launched.
  • Added : Possibility to set different "local" or "remote" server.
  • Added : Possibility to set different custom options for each server.
  • Added : Logon procedure which is obligatory to be able to control
    server (excepted for local servers with automatic login option enabled).
  • Added : Option to set the different authorization levels for local servers.
  • Added : Option to choose if authentification is automatic or not for local servers.
  • Added : Client port option for local servers (should not be changed until needed).
  • Added : Explicit "allow remote control" option for local servers.
  • Added : "Close server on exiting" option (instead of question) to close or not server while exiting controller.
  • Added : Loader system to be sure .NET Framework 2.0 is installed.
  • Deleted : Confirmation question while exiting controller.
  • Deleted : "Automatic-Start server" option.

ServerMania 0.78 :

  • Fixed : Issue which prevented from restarting another servers without restarting ServerMania.
  • Fixed : Adding challenges by selecting a folder is now fully working.
  • Fixed : Some none critical pop-up errors from previous version.
  • Updated : Maps managment visibility has been improved.
  • Updated : Adding some infos on player list.
  • Updated : Random Mode is now randomly choosing a challenge among those still unplayed.
  • Updated : Chat log is now live written and includes write time for each line.
  • Updated : Chat bring back method has been improved.
  • Updated : "Load/Save Match Setting" is now initialized and write protected with the right directory (...\GameData\Tracks\...).
  • Updated : NotifyIcon is now showing the currently played track.
  • Updated : Version field on server tab now shows dedicated server build instead of game version.
  • Added : Chat now auto scrolls down if it is not currently browsed.
  • Added : #u = ServerMania web site url field for custom welcome message.
  • Added : Now supports a new dedicated server version (2006-04-25).

ServerMania 0.75 :

  • Fixed : Some bugs introduced with version 0.74 and others.
  • Updated : Chat now keeps all dialogs history and is cleared every tow hours.
  • Updated : Player list now remember your selection on refreshing.
  • Updated : On random mode the next track is now randomly chosen at the end of the race.
  • Added : Ability to clean chat.
  • Added : Ability to use a custom welcome message.
  • Added : Chatlog file is written with chat content when chat is cleared.
  • Added : Select All check box for local/server track list allowing to select/unselect all challenges in the list.

ServerMania 0.74 :

  • Fixed : Auto-Refresh issue from version 0.72.
  • Updated : Some internal code fixed/cleaned/improved.
  • Added : Ability to force to end round in progress.
  • Added : Vehicule quality server settings.
  • Added : Finish Tiemout game settings in Rounds modes (TMO/TMS).
  • Added : Synchronised Start Period game settings in Time Attack modes.
  • Added : Ability to cancel vote.

ServerMania 0.72 :

  • Fixed : memleaks issue (Fixed by Nadeo).
  • Updated : Xml-Rpc listen port choice enabled.
  • Updated : Initializing and Server Launching have been improoved.
  • Updated : Black/Guest List administration is now enabled.
  • Added : Guest List administration.
  • Added : Now supports EasyUpdate system by Alf.Red.
  • Added : P2P port option.
  • Added : Basic skin option to improve display speed.
  • Added : Remote control ability (experimental feature).
  • Added : Now Supports Nations server account creation within ServerMania.

ServerMania 0.67 :

  • Fixed : Call Vote Ratio input issue.
  • Fixed : Regional settings causing display/input time issue.
  • Updated : Directory/File search tools are now initialized with the game directory.
  • Updated : Chat visibility and beahaviour has been improoved.
  • Added : Now supports TrackMania Nations.
  • Added : Internet account (login and password) option for each game (editing the server config file is not longuer needed).
  • Added : NetIP option to force server IP to a specified one (IP Address can be auto-detected).
  • Added : Server port option.
  • Added : Xml-Rpc listen port option (not helpfull as ServerMania still listen to port 5000).

ServerMania 0.62 :

  • Fixed : Not Managed error while trying to open a file wich has no default application.
  • Fixed : "Unknown challenge" error occured when adding challenge while server is already running.
  • Fixed : Can't load configuration and MatchSetting files when path have space in it.
  • Fixed : ServerMania may not respond after launching server.
  • Fixed : XML-RPC call errors while there is many players on server.
  • Updated : TrayIcon beahaviour has been improoved.
  • Updated : Server Window can be hidden/shown while server is running.
  • Added : Ability to Insert challenges after current played challenge.
  • Added : Ability to Delete challenges from hard disk.
  • Added : Ability to Add PlayList from MatchSetting.
  • Added : Ability to Insert PlayList from MatchSetting.

ServerMania 0.55 :

  • First ServerMania release

Рейтинг: 4.8/20

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Категория: Сервер | Добавил: Глюкъ | Автор: Cyrlaur | Дата: 15.11.2006 | Рейтинг: 4.8/20
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10. Роман Бумажнов (REIQ_Crew| 03.05.2011 11:20
В кой веке нужная вещь! cool
P.S.: Всем рекомендую Coast Master v1.1 & 1.2. gunsmilie

9. (Stevun| 07.01.2011 19:31
У меня Trackmania United Forever при чате тормазит cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry surprised surprised surprised surprised wacko tongue wink smile sad smile surprised happy dry cry angry biggrin cool

8. (Stevun| 27.10.2010 18:37
у меня есть .NET Framework 2.0

6. Лев Хорошанский (TmLev| 05.08.2010 10:47
глюк у меня такая проблема : хочу добавить трассу пишет: error Данный формат пути не поддерживается. что делать??? cry cry

7. Григорий (Глюкъ| 05.08.2010 10:57
Вопросы по использованию на форум пожалуйста.

5. Андреев (tecktonik123| 08.02.2010 06:06
блим, хочу добавить трассу, пишет error

3. Владислав (_as_| 15.04.2009 17:11
Спосибо тебе Глюкъ огромное, но у тебя случайно нет русификатора?

4. Григорий (Глюкъ| 16.04.2009 02:38
Да там почти ничего переводить не надо. Там и так всё понятно.

2. Ahan (GTwix| 27.03.2009 18:49
блин.... а что делать если сервер мания не запускается??? (у меня 3й СЕРВИС ПАК на Виндовсе)
Ответ: Для работы программы нужен .NET Framework 2.0

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1. Григорий (Глюкъ| 20.04.2008 00:55
Обновилась версия

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