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DedicatedServer для TMO/TMS/TMN-ESWC (Linux and Windows) 2006-05-30
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Выделеный сервер для Windows и Linux. Последняя версия (от 30 мая 2006 года).

- (linux) sometimes the server locked up with 100% cpu.
- escape the linefeeds in the chat log.
- fixes and enhancements to the xmlrpc-c library.
- changed the .Net lib so that it reattemps connection when broken

- a little issue with the logs.

- it is no longer possible to connect to a server with the same login twice.
- fixed a bug in LAN games introduced in v2006-04-18.
- the field IpAddress in the player info now actually contains the IP (and not the login...)
- updated the c# xml-rpc lib so that it's easier to change server port / ip. (thanks to Cyrlaur).
- (windows) After a server restart, the gamelog file is no longer overwritten.

- added /autoquit to avoid zombie servers.
- added ChatSendServerMessageToId, ChatSendServerMessageToLogin xml-rpc commands.
- worked around a bug with the case of logins. (disturbing, for instance, the votes)
- (team, laps, rounds) sorted the scores by time when points identical.
- other small bugs.. (dns issues, random crashes ...)

- The guestlist has now precendence over black/ban lists.
- (rounds, team) BestCheckpoints now contains the checkpoints from the best race, and not the checkpoints from the last race..
- GetVersion() also returns the current dedicated server version.
- EndRace() callback now also sends the current challenge
- fixed issues with validation in team mode
- new chat command '/version'

- fixed score in rounds mode when more than 20 players cross the finish line.
- (sunrise, orginal) PlayerConnect callback now has the login..
- Some problems with team mode (validate, ...)
- (windows) Fixed the logs (shared read flag, directory now correctly created)
- Only '/s' is a reserved chat command, and not all strings starting with 's'...
- More infos in GetCurrentRanking: the PlayerId (which is the team number in team mode), + all the checkpoints time of the best times
- updated php and c xml-rpc samples.
- added some more details in the logs
- fixed some issues in ChooseNextChallenge()
- ChatSendToLogin() now works even if the player is a spectator.
- New command ForceScores() available in rounds and team to change fix the scores.
- (linux, original/sunrise) some problems with invalid times should be fixed.

- fixed a little problem with dealing with default value for /bindip
- Added a xml-rpc command to cancel a vote.
- fixed a bug in xml-rpc that would shutdown the connection when receiving a lot of commands at the same time.
- Added a StatusChanged() callback
- Fixed a problem introduced in the previous version with saving guest/black lists.
- (sunrise, original) Some adjustments to SetFinishTimeout()
- (nations) Added the nation of the players in the PlayerInfo xml-rpc struct.
- polished the xml-rpc C example.
- fixed an issue with GetCurrentRanking() in team mode.

- You can now chose the IP to bind to. (/bindip , )
- If no blacklist filename is specified, the default one is loaded.
- You can now read the result of a ServerMessage via xml-rpc (GetServerMessageResults, and PlayerServerMessageAnswer callback)
- A new sample xml-rpc client has been added. It is a C library, and shows how to use callbacks.
- some bugs fixed (memleaks, c# client library, the xml-rpc callbacks,...)
- there was an unused UDP port opened..

- the dedicated server account is now automatically registered. you don't need to do it from the game any longer. (but you have to provide a valid nation in addition to login/password)
- You can now limit the xml-rpc to listen only a specific ip (in addition to the loopback address). Just specify an ip (or symbolic address) in xmlrpc_allowremote parameter.
- added a command to force the current Round/laps to finish. ForceEndRound()
- (sunrise, original) Rounds/Laps mode. You can now set the time allowed for the other players to finish the race after the first one arrived. Set/GetFinishTimeout().
- added a command to upload a file via xml-rpc interface. WriteFile()
- Changed the xml-rpc custom protocol, in order to allow "callbacks". You can now receive the following events:
PlayerConnect, PlayerDisconnect, PlayerChat, ServerStart, ServerStop, BeginRace, BeginRound, RaceOver, PlayerCheckPoint, PlayerFinish
- set SO_REUSEADDR on listening sockets.
bugs fixed:
- The ladder is now disabled if you create a server with more than 50 players.
- (linux) The server should no longer block for a long time, and make all player times invalid.
- (linux) The dns problems that where present on some distributions should now be fixed.
- Security checks on the xml-rpc command have been reinforced.
- During the vote, after the time expires, the abstentionists no longer count as voting "no".
- The restart no longer triggers a full reload after changing some parameters that don't need it.
- The shuffle should now be always different at each run.
- Fixed issues with filenames - RemoveChallenge & friends should now work better.
- GetPlayerList(10,0) now returns 10 players if available (and not 9..)

Совместим с:
Trackmania Original /game=original
Trackmania Sunrise /game=sunrise
Trackmania Nations /game=nations

Рейтинг: 3.5/6

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1. Роман Бумажнов (REIQ_Crew| 03.05.2011 11:10
И нахуй всё это надо! angry
P.S.: Всем рекомендую Coast Master v1.1 & 1.2. gunsmilie

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Russell (15:00:41 14/11/2009)
м слу. я может быть приду. . .если чё то какую трассу дротить?
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