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DedicatedServer для TMNF и TMUF (Linux and Windows) 2010-03-15
[ · Скачать удаленно (12.4 Мб) ] 16.04.2008, 03:58

Выделенный сервер для TMNF и TMUF под Linux и Windows. Версия от 15 марта 2010 года.

 * fixed ForcePlayerTeam()
 * "disable_coherence_checks" is now "laps" by default.

Руководства по серверу вы можете найти здесь.

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Рейтинг: 4.5/24

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Категория: Сервер | Добавил: Глюкъ | Автор: Nadeo | Дата: 16.04.2008 | Рейтинг: 4.5/24
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24. Роман Бумажнов (REIQ_Crew| 03.05.2011 11:42
Нужная в быту вещь! cool
P.S.: Всем рекомендую Coast Master v1.1 & 1.2. gunsmilie

23. Григорий (Глюкъ| 17.03.2010 22:16
Вышла новая версия сервера

* fixed ForcePlayerTeam()
* "disable_coherence_checks" is now "laps" by default.

22. Григорий (Глюкъ| 13.01.2010 15:00
* guest player no longer need to input the password, as expected.
* a new attempt at fixing the abusive ban of players in timeattack with laps races.
* a few left-over issues from the protocol changes.
* server crash when a player validated a race.

21. Григорий (Глюкъ| 25.10.2009 19:29
Вышла новая версия сервера. Изменения:

* fix new client backward compatibility with older dedicated servers
* ChooseNextChallengeList() and ChooseNextChallenge() now set IsListModified == true in the ChallengeListModified() callback

* don't ban players when using a mix-mapped challenge with two checkpoints on the same spot. (not that this means it's supported, but at least it will hopefully not ban for no apparent reason people in good faith)
* ChatEnableManualRouting() can now take a additional boolean to enable a mode where only the player's message go through the routing callback but not the server ones. (This is to both avoid useless work, and to work around the issue that it is anyway impossible to make the server messages work correctly given that the callback doesn't give the recipient of the message)
* when the config was <p2p_cache_size>0</p2p_cache_size> (or in some other cases where the cache was too small), the server crashed at start time.
* Added more checks on invalid packets or invalid challenges to avoid crashes.
* New connection protocol with a signature check on the player login before allowing the connection, (if the client supports it.)
* New configuration to only allow recent client to connect:
add <minimum_client_build>2009-10-08</minimum_client_build> to the <system_config> section to only allow client supporting the new connection protocol.

20. Григорий (Глюкъ| 15.08.2009 23:27
Вышла новая версия сервера. Изменения:


* Fix the a warning when the xml-rpc admin password is not changed and foreign connections are allowed
* it is now possible to start a server with 0 players and a guest list.
* Fix a security issue.

19. Григорий (Глюкъ| 04.06.2009 11:37
Вышла новая версия сервера. Изменения:


* Fix the crash in SaveBestGhostsReplay()
* actually download the blacklist from <blacklist_url>
* ForceSpectator() no longer changes the server max players setting
* new function SpectatorReleasePlayerSlot() for use with autoqueue like plugins: just changing a player to spectator doesn't free his player slot; this function allows to do it.
* And added a new flag "HasPlayerSlot" to the PlayerInfo struct to expose this status.
* Add a warning when the xml-rpc admin password is not changed and foreign connections are allowed

18. Григорий (Глюкъ| 24.05.2009 04:11
Вышла новая версия сервера. Изменения:


* fix SaveBestGhostsReplay() to behave as it should. (that is only saving the players replay when a login is given, and saving all the replays when no login is given)
* return to previous behaviour when saving a replay with an explicit filename (ie, don't put it in a subdirectory with the server name).
* update server coppers when a transaction is paid.
* (!) fixed an issue (introduced in 2008-12-05) with players getting banned in LAN mode at first connection. (the generated unique lan logins are now "name_1.2.3.4_2350" instead of "name/")
* fixed the ladder limits that were sometimes being reset to the default values by the master server.
* On a relay server, trying to xxxToLogin() to a player from the main server will now return an error message (instead of silently failing)
* (!) GetCurrentChallengeInfo() now returns NbLaps et NbCheckpoints of the track as well, as do the BeginRace()... callbacks (nblaps as defined in the challenge, not as defined by the current server settings)
* xxxToLogin() methods now accept a comma-separated list of logins as well. ie: ChatSendToLogin("hello", "player1, player2")
* When a track is added, it is now tested against the next game mode (instead of the current mode) --> it is now possible to switch to laps or stunts mode by using LoadMatchSettings() without restarting the server.
* Various improvements to GbxRemote.inc.php.
* rare bug in team mode when a player finish was being ignored by the server but taken into account by the xml-rpc clients.
* some more coherence check to detect most common cheats.
* (!) new callbacks: BeginChallenge() and EndChallenge() that are called around the BeginRace() / EndRace() sequence, to simplify code dealing with the warm-up phase.
* fixed a bug with number of spectators on relay servers.
* fixed a bug with the tunnel and relay servers.

(!) marks changes that may affect compatibility with some strict xml-rpc scripts.

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17. Егор (Lees| 08.02.2009 14:39
А он вечный?
Ответ: Пока не выключишь

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16. Илья (turb| 21.11.2008 22:55
Строю серв монеты снимаются а что делать дальше?И где взять конфигу?

15. FaustQ  | 08.08.2008 15:16
Так блин чё за хрень?
Перезалейте на iFolder а то нифига н качается.
Глюкъ пожалуйста.Очень надо сервер создать.

14. Григорий (Глюкъ| 20.05.2008 02:23
Помощь по серверу здесь:

13. Григорий (Глюкъ| 20.05.2008 01:44
Обновлена версия

12. andrew  | 30.04.2008 12:25
да.....к сожалению...

11. Григорий (Глюкъ| 28.04.2008 19:36
да я видел, но тебе никто не ответил ведь так?

10. andrew  | 28.04.2008 19:26

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