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Adventure time in Sevastopol and the surrounding areas!

4 дн назад

In this week's episode of "Black Sea Holidays", we finally make it to the Hero City of Sevastopol. After soaking in the city's rich history, the crew gets active by ...

What does the Soviet Union mean to Russians?

6 дн назад

The USSR is in the past. But this bygone era still evokes strong feelings for Russians. Subscribe to our channel - http://bit.ly/subscribe-russia-beyond Follow ...

What’s in Russian Airplane Food? 360 video

2 нед назад

What's the deal with Russian airplane food? Well we're about to show you. Our man-on-the-street Tim Kirby is going to go where no journalists have gone before ...

Flying to Swallow's Nest, climbing Crimea's scary cliffs and indulging in gastronomic delights

3 нед назад

In this week's episode of "Black Sea Holidays", the crew visits the peninsula's most iconic landmark - the Swallow's Nest! We got a glimpse of it from every angle: ...

Black Sea Holidays #7. Fun in the sun, more wine and palaces and horseback riding!

4 нед назад

In this week's episode we relax in Yalta by the sea - and in it! It seems that no episode is complete without trying one of the local Crimean vineyards so today we ...

My life in Russia: Xander Parish, principal ballet dancer of the Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg

4 нед назад

Meet Xander Parish, the principal dancer of the famous Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg. He became the first Brit to join the company eight years ago and has ...

This mechanical puppet theater in Ulyanovsk is weirdly lifelike

4 нед назад

In the city of Ulyanovsk, there are 49 amazing wooden clockwork dolls – they move so realistically that you might even mistake them for mini humans! Subscribe ...

Sakhalin Island, Russia on $200. Seafood, Skiing and Sushi

1 меc назад

In this episode of Russia: Tips, Tricks & Travel Tim goes to the little known yet massive Russian island that used to be (partially) part of the Japanese Empire.

Which of your habits will be considered annoying in Russia?

1 меc назад

We Russians have our own ways of doing things, so certain worldwide habits may seem pretty strange to us… Subscribe to our channel ...

Black Sea holidays #6. Conquering our fear of heights in Ai-Petri, history overload in Sudak

1 меc назад

In episode 6 of "Black Sea Holidays", the crew learns more about Crimea's super rich history by strolling around the ancient Sudak Fortress and finally makes it ...

Do you know where Native Americans come from?

1 меc назад

This time Anna tells how Siberians turned out to be Native Americans' ancestors! Subscribe to our channel - http://bit.ly/subscribe-russia-beyond Follow Russia ...

Black Sea Holidays #5. American girl vs. Russian lions!

1 меc назад

In this week's episode of “Black Sea Holidays” we make some new friends at Taigan Lion Park. These new friends are big kitties that under other circumstances ...

Why does Malevich's Black Square cost so much?

2 меc назад

Russian artist Kazimir Malevich painted avant-guard masterpiece The Black Square in 1915. Subscribe to our channel - http://bit.ly/subscribe-russia-beyond ...

My Life in Russia: Iva Pracević, ballerina and English teacher from Croatia

2 меc назад

Iva was a purchasing manager in Croatia. Coming to Russia changed her life... Subscribe to our channel - http://bit.ly/subscribe-russia-beyond Follow Russia ...

Does Real Combat Pressure Break Practical Shooters? Vepr-12 vs. Remington 870

2 меc назад

Russian practical shooting champion Sergey Ivanov and American gun enthusiast Tim Kirby will test themselves by firing hot lead from two different guns.

My Life in Russia: Hungarian Choreographer and Dancer Balazs Baranyai

2 меc назад

Ever wanted an insider's view on Hermitage? Want to know more about Russian dance or theatre? Let Balazs Baranyai show you around. Subscribe to our ...

Black Sea Holidays #4. Zip lines, mountain jeep rides and champagne!

2 меc назад

In episode 4 of our epic Crimea road trip, the crew zip lines across a stunning mountain lake, goes on a crazy four wheel drive to get to Djur-Djur waterfall and ...

Black Sea holidays #3. What can an American do in Crimea?

2 меc назад

In this week's episode, your American guide crosses the Crimean Bridge with the wind in her hair and hangs out with the Crimean Peninsula's coolest bloggers ...

My life in Russia: What it feels to be an exchange student in Russia's Siberia?

2 меc назад

This video was produced in cooperation with University of Tyumen. Have you ever thought of studying in Siberia? Start thinking! Let Jose, an exchange student ...

Why SMALLPOX may come back?

2 меc назад

Once defeated lethal diseases are coming back. Maybe it's time to get a vaccination? Subscribe to our channel - http://bit.ly/subscribe-russia-beyond Follow ...

My Life in Russia: Bridget Barbara, Russian language enthusiast from Brooklyn

3 меc назад

Meet Bridget (https://www.youtube.com/bridgetbarbara) from New York: she founded her own YouTube channel about the Russian Languge. Find out how she ...