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Diana and Hidden Surprise Toys

2 дн назад

Surprise toys appear all over Diana's House! Can Roma and Diana find all presents to open?! Kids find hidden surprise toys and unpack them. Diana`s ...

Diana Pretend Play with Toys and Dolls

5 дн назад

Fun pretend play video for kids about Diana, her new toys and dolls Diana`s INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/kidsdianashow/ Subscribe to Kids Diana ...

Diana аnd Kids Make Up Toys

1 нед назад

Diana wants to be beautiful. She pretend play dressing up as a princess and also playing with kids make up toys Diana`s INSTAGRAM ...

Diana Pretend Play with Ride On Horse Toy

2 нед назад

Diana has a toy horse. A little girl plays and does not want to share a toy with her brother. Parents bought for the boy a new toy horse - big and beautiful Pony!

Diana and Christmas Presents

2 нед назад

Diana and Roma Pretend Play Opening Christmas Presents and wish their subscribers a happy Christmas and New Year! Fun Pretend Play video for kids!

Diana Pretend Play with Princess carriage

3 нед назад

Diana is tired of household chores. She wants to be a princess. A little girl suddenly remembers that she has a magic wand! She dresses up in princess dress ...

Diana and Toys from Goldfish

3 нед назад

Diana saw a Goldfish and asked her for new toys: play house and a toy car. Brother Roma also wanted toys and asked them from the Golden Fish. But when the ...

Diana Pretend Cooking With Cute Kitchen toys

3 нед назад

Diana and Roma Pretend Cooking With Cute Kitchen toys. Children are playing in cafe. This is a pretend play cafe which has lots of delicious food! Diana's cafe ...

Diana and girl toys

4 нед назад

Best kids videos with Diana, Roma and girl toys Сборник лучших серий от Дианы - про Рому, папу и игрушки для девочек Instagram Дианы:...

Diana Pretend Play with new Toy Cars

1 меc назад

Diana and Roma pretend to play with toy cars. Roma sells toy cars. Diana wants to buy a new beautiful car, but she has no money. A little girl opens a car wash ...

Diana Pretend Play Dress Up and New Make Up toys

1 меc назад

Diana Pretend Play Dress Up and does makeup with her new Make Up toys. The girl wants to be fashionable and beautiful. But, going out into the street, she ...

Diana and Funny dog toy

1 меc назад

Roma did not want to play with Diana. Then the girl bought herself a new toy - a funny dog toy. Roma really liked the dog, he also wanted to play with her.

Diana Pretend Cooking with New Kitchen Toy

1 меc назад

Diana is pretend cooking with a Minnie Mouse kitchen toyset! She is trying to fix her broken kitchen toy, but she can't fix it. Diana buys new giant kitchen toy.

Diana and New PlayHouse

1 меc назад

Diana wants to buy a New Playhouse. But this toy is worth 5 dollars! Little girl asks for money from dad. Dad offers Diana to do the cleaning to make money.

Diana Pretend Play Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Haul

2 меc назад

Diana Pretend Play Halloween trick or treating for candy haul. The little girl knocks on the door and says “Trick or Treat!”. Doors open hosts dressed in terrifying ...

Diana and Barbie Party

2 меc назад

Diana organized a Barbie party. Only Barbie Dolls and girls can go there. The boy Roma wanted to go to the party, and changed into a Barbie girl. Diana drove ...

Diana and 10 Million Subscribers! Presents and toys for Diana

2 меc назад

Diana celebrates 10 Million Subscribers. On this day, all the wishes of a little girl will be fulfilled. Roma and Cartoons characters congratulate Diana and give her ...

Diana and New Trampoline, Dad Left Alone With Kids

2 меc назад

Dad Left Alone With Kids. Diana and Roma need attention. Children want to eat and play. Papa cooked breakfast, and then bought new trampoline with toys!

Diana and the lost Doll

2 меc назад

Diana and Roma pretend play with toys. Inattentive little girl lost her doll. But the kind boy found Diana and gave her the baby doll back. Funny kids video about ...

Diana and New Rapunzel doll

2 меc назад

Kids pretend play with new toys. Diana has a new Rapunzel doll with a horse. Little girl plays with the horse, but her brother also wants to play. Then a boy ...

Diana and Toys Delivery

2 меc назад

New toys are delivered to children. Diana and her brother do not know for whom they are intended and use a counting out game. Kids also play with Playhouse ...