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Addressing the Battlefield 5 Controversy

3 дн назад

Battlefield V have just adjusted the TTK Values much to the disdain of some of the active player-base. Let's take a look at exactly what has happened, why, and ...

This is a mistake for Battlefield 5 - DICE Responds

1 дн назад

Battlefield V responded to the criticism of changing the TTK in the game without notice, why they did it and more. I think they are making a mistake in the direction ...

Epic Disaster? Battlefield 5 TTK Update

2 дн назад

Watch me live every weekday at 1pm PT Thumbnail: For More Gaming Tips and Tricks, ...

BATTLEFIELD 5 - So Much Drama - Lets Just PLAY - Multiplayer Gameplay

3 нед назад

I am SQUID, All round EPIC Gamer and entertainer. • Top 3 Ranked Sniper And E.A Game Changer. • Come here for No Scopes, Jump Scares, Fun and ...

The Laser Beam of Battlefield 5

5 дн назад

Battlefield 5 The Laser Beam and The Tank! This is a cracking game of Frontlines using one of my favourite weapons in the game plus some forceful tanking at ...


3 дн назад

Вчера вышел патч, который убил Battlefield 5 - изменение ТТК уничтожило баланс и весь интерес к игре. -------------------------...

Battlefield 5 Testing the New TTK

4 дн назад

Battlefield V have just put out an update that changes the TTK in the game. Become a Member: Most primaries will now ...

Battlefield 5 – Official Gamescom Trailer – Devastation of Rotterdam

4 меc назад

See new maps and gameplay in the official Battlefield V Gamescom Trailer. From the shattered streets of Rotterdam to the burning sands of North Africa, ...

Battlefield 5 Is Failing. It's Already 50% Off

7 дн назад

EA has already dropped the price of Battlefield 5! It's 50% off! Day one fans of the game are absolutely mad! The game is failing and EA knows it. Let's discuss!

The Last Tiger Battlefield 5

1 нед назад

Battlefield V The Last Tiger Gameplay Walkthrough. This will be the final War Story in BF5. Playing in 4K on an RTX 2080 Ti more INFO here ...

Battlefield 5 EPIC Game

1 меc назад

Battlefield V can serve up some fantastic rounds if you know what game modes and maps to play. Twisted Steel on Frontlines with 32 players is the one. Also ...

DICE Why? - Battlefield 5 Worst Update

2 дн назад

Today I go over the recent update to Battlefield 5. Twitch Streaming: Twitter: Facebook: ...

Battlefield 5 - Top 10 Plays #5 (BFV Multiplayer Gameplay Montage)

1 нед назад

WIN a Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR700 Gaming Router - Battlefield 5 Top 10 Plays from BFV Multiplayer gameplay. The Kills of the ...

Battlefield 5 The Good Fight

1 нед назад

Battlefield V Live Gameplay fighting the good fight! Become a member here: Leave a LIKE and feel free to ask questions ...

Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer

7 меc назад

Battlefield™ V launches worldwide on November 20th. Pre-order now for Open Beta early access*: Enter mankind's greatest conflict with ...

BATTLEFIELD 5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO - Campaign Mission 1 (Battlefield V)

1 меc назад

Battlefield 5 (Battlefield V) Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review, Intro and Campaign Mission 1 for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC. My Full ...

Battlefield 5: Epic Moments #2

4 нед назад

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DICE JUST MADE BATTLEFIELD 5 WORSE - My BF5 TTK Change Reaction (Time To Kill)

4 дн назад

My opinion on DICE changing the TTK in Battlefield 5... they just made the game much worse. The Time To Kill, I believe, should be reverted. ➤ Reddit post: ...

Battlefield 5: Random & Funny Moments #9

1 нед назад

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Battlefield 5 Top Plays #92

18 мин назад

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I suck at this... Battlefield 5

3 нед назад

Battlefield V Flying is really fun... But I suck at it. I do have a lot of fun though. Let's take a look at my failures. Check out the Acer X27 Here: ...