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How to stop poverty: start a worker-owned cooperative | Jim Brown | TEDxTuscaloosa

3 г. назад

Why is chronic poverty tolerated in America? Is our economic system flawed? Through personal stories and insights, University of Alabama professor J. Palmer ...

What is a Cooperative? (Ano ang Kooperatiba)

5 г. назад

Are you ready to change your life? JOIN A COOPERATIVE NOW and build a better future.... Join Purple Life Cooperative... - Avail of ...

What is a cooperative?

4 г. назад

It's working as a team and joining forces to accomplish more.

What is a Co-operative?

3 г. назад

Co-operatives give people control over things that matter to them. There are nearly 7000 independent co-operatives working across the economy.

Why worker cooperatives don't work (SORTA)

2 г. назад

Twitter - Many wonder why Cooperatives fail to compete well with Capitalist Businesses. Here's some reasons why. And this isn't their ...

How To Do Business Without Money | Co-Operative Society | Dr Vivek Bindra

3 мес. назад

In this video, Dr Vivek Bindra talks about Co-Operative society and how it helps you grow your business without investing the fortune. He Also Explains through 5 ...

How cooperative businesses can answer tough business challenges: Julia Hutchins at TEDxMileHigh

5 г. назад

How can cooperative ventures solve problems where competitive markets fail? In this eye-opening talk, Julia Hutchins shows how this model has been used to ...

Cooperative Engineering | Engineering 101

3 г. назад

Another episode of Engineering 101! This is probably one of the most important subjects that will ever be covered in this series, since it not only goes over the ...

Cooperatives are everywhere! Take ownership.

3 г. назад

Co-ops are everywhere! They provide nearly every good and service imaginable, and they are a great choice for buying local and keeping jobs in the community ...

What is COOPERATIVE? What does COOPERATIVE mean? COOPERATIVE meaning & explanation

2 г. назад

What is COOPERATIVE? What does COOPERATIVE mean? COOPERATIVE meaning - COOPERATIVE pronunciation -COOPERATIVE definition ...

6 of the Best Cooperative Games in Physical Education

7 мес. назад

The first six games are cooperative games that are great for teachers and students. The 7th game includes competition. It is good for teachers because they get ...

The Cooperative Business Model — The Seven Cooperative Principles

4 г. назад

Learn more about the core principles that make YOUR cooperative special.

C'est quoi une coopérative? Coop FR

5 г. назад

Un homme regarde les informations à la télévision. Il entend de plus en plus parler dans l'actualité de coopératives, d'entreprises qui ont du sens... Mais sait-il ...

What is a Workers' Co-operative?

5 г. назад

Find out what a workers' co-operative is from the members of Your Local Market Co-operative Inc. in Stratford, Ontario. **Please note some info regarding ...

Food Cooperative vs. Grocery Store: What's the Difference?

7 мес. назад Do you wish you could shop at the farmers market year-round? Are you struggling to find locally sourced and ...

Understanding the Mondragon Worker Cooperative Corporation

4 г. назад

Amy Goodman interviews Mikel Lezamiz, director of Cooperative Dissemination at the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation in Spain's Basque Country.

Top 10 Cooperative Board Games!

3 мес. назад

In this video The Brothers Murph talk about our top 10 Cooperative Board Games! We LOOOOOVE coops so check out our list! What are some of your favorites!

Cooperative: Easy Explained

2 г. назад

The cooperative firm is owned, controlled, and operated by a group of users for their own profit. can help you finding your perfect legalform ...

CDA Audio Visual Presentation on Cooperatives in the Philippines

4 г. назад

The Philippine Cooperative Medium Term Cooperative Development Plan (2011-2016) and the 5 Policy Directions.

The Cooperative Business Model

2 г. назад

October is National Co-op Month. Join us and millions of people around the country as we celebrate this unique business model that truly makes a difference.

Seven Cooperative Principles

3 г. назад

Representatives from credit unions in North Carolina & South Carolina partnered with the Carolinas Credit Union League to talk about the Seven Cooperative ...