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FIRST LOOK: It's the Last Day in Paradise for Our Final Four Couples! | Love Island 2018

3 нед назад

It's been an EPIC summer of love for our Islanders, and the last day in paradise has arrived for our finalists! Your winning couple will be crowned in the final of ...

FIRST LOOK: Meeting the Parents Gets Very Emotional | Love Island 2018

3 нед назад

It's an emotional day for our Islanders - after a long, dramatic summer with only each other for company, there are plenty of tears when family arrives at the villa.

Four adorable wedding First Looks

4 лет назад

Copyright, PenWeddings || The Huffington Post recently shared a blog post saying that First Looks or First Sights are stupid. We wholeheartedly disagree.

FIRST LOOK: The Islanders Face Their Toughest Choice Yet | Love Island 2018

4 нед назад

After Kaz and Josh and Wes and Megan get sent on their final dates, the Islanders have to make their toughest choice yet. Subscribe for more!

FIRST LOOK: It's the Return of the Babies and the Dads Are Left in Charge | Love Island 2018

4 нед назад

The Islanders wake to six screaming new arrivals! Parenthood is a breeze for some but totally terrifying for others, and disaster strikes for our dream daddies ...

2019 Harley FXDR 114 First Look!!

9 ча назад

Wow! Let's take a look at the ALL NEW 2019 Harley FXDR 114!!! ➡ 2019 Harley Davidson FXDR 114!

FIRST LOOK: Jack's Left Fuming and Tears Flow for Alexandra | Love Island 2018

4 нед назад

Jack and Dani aren't the only ones devastated by the results of the lie detector test, as Alexandra doubts Alex's feelings for her. With the Islanders' insecurities ...

FIRST LOOK: Iron Harvest - Echtzeitstrategie mit Steampunk-Mechs

9 ча назад

Iron Harvest von King Art Games will klassische Echtzeitstrategie zurückbringen. Stark von Company of Heroes 2 inspiriert, aber mit einem ungewöhnlichen ...

FIRST LOOK: Dani Kicks Off, and Jack Moves On | Love Island 2018

1 меc назад

Dani's not impressed with how Alex has treated Alexandra, and she's got a few things to say to the doctor. He tries to sort things out with Alexandra, but it's not ...

FIRST LOOK: The Final Dates Get Alex All Revved Up - but Not for Alexandra | Love Island 2018

4 нед назад

Love is well and truly in the air for Jack and Dani as they take to the skies for their epic final date, and he pops a BIG question. But Alex is more revved up by the ...

Viswasam First Look Update | Thala Ajith | Nayanthara | Imman | Siva | Firstlook Date

10 ча назад

விஸ்வாசம் ஃப்ர்ஸ்ட் லுக்கிற்கு செக் ………… ரசிகர்கள் அதிர்ச்சி Green Vision is a one...

LEICA M10-P: Quietest Leica M camera ever - First Look

12 ча назад

Richard has his hands on the latest Leica M series camera, the Leica M10-P. He runs through the new features of the camera that make it different from the ...

FIRST LOOK: Is It All Over for Jack and Laura? | Love Island 2018

1 меc назад

There's nothing like a bunch of stunning new arrivals to make our Islanders question their relationships... Jack has doubts over whether he and Laura are really ...

FIRST LOOK: One Couple Agonises Over Whether to Stay or Leave | Love Island 2018

1 меc назад

The drama at the Island Beach Party isn't over yet! A massive plot twist is delivered to one of our remaining couples - they must decide whether to stay in the villa ...

NOKIA 6.1 Plus : ₹ 15,999/- का स्मार्टफोन | First Look | Tech Tak

17 ча назад

NOKIA 6.1 Plus (2018) edition has been launched in India Today. The new smartphone runs on Android One and is available in three colours- Blue, Black and ...

FIRST LOOK: It's Hotting Up for Alex and Alexandra | Love Island 2018

1 меc назад

Alexandra's feeling giddy and there's one reason why... her and Alex have been getting closer under the covers! Alex Squared really are back on track and their ...

FIRST LOOK: The Lie Detector Test Makes the Islanders Sweat! | Love Island 2018

4 нед назад

It's lie detector time! Just as everyone's looking cosy in their couples, our boys are put to the ultimate test. There are PLENTY of shocking results... but whose ...

FIRST LOOK: An Agonising Recoupling for Sam and Georgia | Love Island 2018

1 меc назад

Gossip travels fast in the villa, and Steph loses it with Jack when she finds out about his steamy secret kiss with Laura. The tension builds when news of a ...

FIRST LOOK: Alex Lays It on Alexandra, and Laura's Got Competition | Love Island 2018

1 меc назад

It's been a rocky few days for Alex and Alexandra and the doctor knows he's got to put the work in to win her over, so Jack and Dani cook up a little role-play plan ...

Daredevil Season 3 Teaser First Look and Bullseye Breakdown

22 ча назад

Daredevil Season 3 Teaser First Look Footage, Bullseye Breakdown, Marvel Daredevil Born Again Comics, Netflix Changes and Release Date ...

First Look: "3 Daughters, 1 Dead Son & A Million Secrets" | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

1 ча назад

What do you do when you find out in the same week that your son has been molesting your youngest daughter, and that he's dying? For Keshia, that response ...