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PS4-Live-Übertragung von Can4458

2 ча назад

Hey Leute herzlich Wilkommen auf meinem Kanal den ich mit meinem großen Bruder führen werde . Wir geben uns Mühe euch zu unterhalten mit Pranks, ...

PUBG on PS4... Unboxing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds + Gameplay

1 нед назад

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has FINALLY arrived to PlayStation 4. Unboxing the physical disc version, custom painted Dual Shock 4 and Xbox One PUBG ...

【その1】BIOHAZARD4 初見チャレンジ!【PS4】

9 ча назад

ついにバイオハザード4に挑戦!! 全くやったこと無い未知のバイオハザードの世界。 果たしてクリアできるのだろうか・・・ ※うまいプレイ...

【PS4】深夜で大人のDead by Daylight~赤帯目標でランク上げます~【デッドバイデイライト】#378

3 ча назад

【概要欄】をご確認の上、、コメント、ご視聴,下さい! いつもご視聴いただきありがとうございます!カリスです! ゲーム好きの大人♪ 『楽し...

PS4 Pro "500 MILLION" Limited Edition Unboxing! (2TB Playstation 4 Console) Fortnite Battle Royale

4 меc назад

Unboxing PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition console. One of the rarest Playstation consoles. Fortnite Battle Royale bomber skin code reveal. Thanks to Sony ...

Ranking Every PS4 Exclusive From Worst To Best

1 нед назад

The PS4 has absolutely crushed the eighth generation of consoles. From an outstanding system in itself to a stellar line of exclusive titles, there's no surprise ...

[MHW] PS4るるのアステラ祭り配信 [モンハンワールド]

5 ча назад

不定期で遊びたいゲームをまったりライブ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+ #PS4PRO#ルルミル#モンハン#モンスターハンターワールド 配信ゲーム:PS4版 モンスタ...

10 Things Only Pro Gamers Know About The PS4

6 меc назад

PS4 SECRETS ONLY PROS KNOW. The PS4 has been out for nearly half a decade and there are still some features of the console that have flown under the ...

30 Greatest PS4 Games You Need To Play

4 нед назад

Ever since it launched in 2013, the PlayStation 4 has been on a roll. It's not only shipped over 86 million units but also houses some of the best exclusives out ...

PS4 Gamers VS Xbox One Gamers

8 меc назад

Hello Again Peeps! Welcome with Another Video! Okay Guys! You Screamed, I Heard :D It's a Quick VS video between PS4 Gamers and Xbox One Gamers, ...

Spider-Man PS4: 101 - Silver Lining DLC NEWS BOMB!!! Release Date, Suits, & More!!!

2 дн назад

In this video I discuss & breakdown the major news bomb for the third chapter of Marvel's Spider-Man (Spider-Man PS4) The City That Never Sleeps DLC: Silver ...


4 лет назад

Grandpa destroys Pickleboy's Playstation 4 and coffee table after he failed to show up to bake Christmas cookies.. Grandpa on Twitter ...

Buying and Unboxing PUBG PS4 || First in India || Free bands, mugs and PS shirts

1 нед назад

Finally guys PUBG PS4 is here!! I hope you like this VLOG And please don't forget to subscribe . . . Shop Address- karla electronics, shop number-125 Gaffar ...

PS4 "FORTNITE" CONSOLE UNBOXING! Playstation 4 Pro Fortnite Battle Royale Bundle + Bomber Skin

5 меc назад

Unboxing PS4 Pro Fortnite Battle Royale bundle & Slim console bundles. Royale Bomber skin and 500 v-bucks - but no limited edition console paint.

PS4 (SPIDER-MAN) CONSOLE UNBOXING! Playstation 4 Black Friday Spider-Man Bundle

3 нед назад

Unboxing of the new Jet Black Spider-Man Sony PlayStation 4 game console and the Dual Shock 4 controller. Here's more videos you may like from my channel ...

Unboxing PS4 FIFA 19 Console (Loot Box Edition Playstation 4)

3 меc назад

Unboxing FIFA 19 PS4 Champions Edition football console bundle with FIFA Ultimate Team FUT loot box benefits. Spider-Man PS4 Pro console ...

[4K] PUBG on PS4/PS4 Pro: Does It Improve Over Xbox One?

3 дн назад

PUBG - Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - is back, this time running on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. After a year of continual console development, how does the ...


5 меc назад


PS4 Pro "SPIDER-MAN" Limited Edition Console! Unboxing Marvel's Spider-Man Amazing Red Playstation 4

3 меc назад

Unboxing Marvel's Spider-Man Limited Edition Amazing Red PS4 Pro 1Tb. One of the best games for Playstation 4 in 2018. Ultra rare Spider-Man limited edition ...

PS4 "DAYS OF PLAY" LIMITED EDITION CONSOLE! Unboxing Playstation 4 Slim Blue Collector's Special

6 меc назад

Thanks to Sony for sending this PS4 Limited Edition "Days of Play" Slim console for unboxing! New Playstation 4 model to celebrate the huge PS Store sale.

Spider-Man PS4 - Jumping Off Biggest Building In Avengers Stark Suit (Spiderman 2018) PS4 Pro

3 меc назад

Subscribe ➜ Jumping off the highest building in spiderman in iron spider suit from Tony Stark, One world trade center / Freedom tower.