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Vape Session With The Nova Kit

15 час. назад

Hey guys! I'm back with another vape session. During this sesh I set up, and trick with my Nova kit by Geekvape. Really enjoying this kit so far! If you liked this ...

Crazy Vape Trick Compilation

2 нед. назад

Hey guys, I'm back with another vape trick compilation. This video incorporates some of my favorite handheld recorded vape tricks. I hope you guys enjoyed this ...

The Art of Vape

7 мес. назад

Hey guys! Its Austinl (vAustinL) this is a short video showing how I build my mechanical mod using alien coils with some vape tricks and clouds. Hope you guys ...

4 Beginner Vape Mistakes to Avoid!

2 мес. назад Vaping can definitely be intimidating when first starting out. Here, we cover some common mistakes a lot of beginner vapers make ...

Vape Session

4 нед. назад

Hey guys! I'm back with another vape session! During this sesh I talk about what projects/content that are coming up for me and do some vape tricks with my ...

Will It Vape? Coke Zero, Sprite Zero, Fanta Zero, Monster, Monster Ultra Zero and Oasis.

10 мес. назад

This is part one of a three part video, in this video I have attempt to vape Coke Zero, Sprit Zero, Fanta Zero, Monster, Monster Ultra Zero and Oasis. You will have ...

[VAPE] クラウドモンスター!! “Vapefly-Core RTA”を吸ってみた\(^o^)/♪ [電子タバコ]

22 час. назад

今回紹介した商品☆ 【Vapefly-Core RTA】 URL: VapeflyとGerman103Teamのコラボ製品のRTAを使ってみました♪ KENSEI RTAのようなエアー ...

Where to Hide Your Juul or Vape *MY SECRET SPOT*

6 дн. назад



6 мес. назад

Experiment! Music:

VAPE vs. DIP? (Which has BIGGER Buzz)

3 дн. назад

WARNING: I am not a scientist. This is just my opinion. DON'T GET MAD!!! SUBSCRIBE→→→ GET MY NEW MERCH HERE!

My First Time Vaping With Friends!

8 мес. назад

Sounds like a meme, moms who vape but I had THE best time with my best babes! This product DOES NOT contain the popcorn lung causing chemical.


2 г. назад

Yo what up peepz just me on my day off chillin, enjoy! Incredible h3h3 remix -- Watch the Reaction Video Playlist -- ...

40$ VAPE vs 400$ VAPE

1 мес. назад

40$ Vape vs 400$ Vape • NATE420 MERCH ~ • My Snapchat ~ MrNathaniel123 • My Instagram ~ Nate420yt • My Soundcloud ...

Vape pen explosion: E-cig blows up in Idaho man’s face, he loses 7 teeth - TomoNews

2 г. назад

POCATELLO, IDAHO — A former vapist is warning others about the dangers of e-cigarettes after his vape pen blew up in his face. Car salesman Andrew Hall ...

Do I Vape?

6 дн. назад

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed! ma Merch: YouNow: QMcConathy Instagram: @QuentinMcConathy Snapchat: ...

20$ VAPE vs 200$ VAPE

4 мес. назад

20$ Vape vs 200$ Vape! • NATE420 MERCH ~ • My Snapchat ~ MrNathaniel123 • My Instagram ~ Nate420yt btw It's not a 200$ vape, ...

Vaping in front of my mom for the 1st time..

7 мес. назад

Vaping In Front Of My Mom For The First Time.. I hope you enjoyed this funny video! No, I don't vape! And for all you kids out there. DON'T VAPE EITHER!

Best Vape Trick Compilation

7 мес. назад

Hey guys! Here is a vape trick compilation at my shop. What do you guys want to see more of? Let me know in the comment section! Hope you guys enjoy this ...

Pilipinas Got Talent 2018 Auditions: Joven Olvido - Vape Tricks

6 мес. назад

Now on its 6th season, Pilipinas Got Talent showcases world-class pinoy talents and phenomenal performances! See all the latest updates and exclusives here.

SKILL VAPE TINGKAT DEWA [JULI] 2018 | By nadyaluqyana #vapetrick02

1 мес. назад

Welcome To VAPE CLUB OFFICIAL Ok guys kali Ini kita Akan mempersembahkan VAPE TRICK BY @nadyaluqyana bagi kalian yang ingin Terhubung lansung ...


6 мес. назад

I told my mom I put weed in her vape to get her reaction on camera, def not what I expected. ahahahah enjoy!!!!!!! SUBSCRIEBE TO JOIN #ThePellerinFam ...