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War Robots Mk2 Maxed OP Orkan Spectre - One Bot To Rule Them All - WR

3 мес. назад

Crazy War Robots Gameplay Video of the Mk2 Maxed OP Orkan Spectre. This is as overpowered as it gets on this bot! Share you thoughts down below, please.

War Robots: HOVER Orkan Pinata Gameplay on Valley | MAX LEVEL

7 мес. назад

War Robots. Hover robot gameplay using Orkans and Pinata on Valley map during my live stream. Surprisingly I did very well with this build however I did notice ...

War Robots: Spectre Orkans MK2 MAX LEVEL Gameplay | The BEST Spectre Build?

5 мес. назад

War Robots. Two games featuring a MAX LEVEL MK2 Spectre with MK2 level 12 Orkans - a classic example of a "glass cannon". The Spectre Orkan Build is ...

War Robots [WR] - Fujin Triple Orkans (w/ gameplay) - 1/2

2 г. назад

War Robots. This video highlights Fujin gameplay on Springfield map using the triple Orkan build. Gameplay includes a good demonstration of the Sentry shield ...

kumiho (taran) vs kumiho (orkan) Test | War Robots

3 мес. назад

kumiho (taran) vs komiho (orkan) Test | War Robots. war robots new robots and weapons gameplay war robots test server gameplay all weapons and robots are ...

War Robots [WR] - Cossack Orkan w/gameplay

3 г. назад

War Robots. This is a demonstration showing the use of the Cossack equipped with an R40M Orkan. Orkans have a range of 300m and provide a powerful ...


7 мес. назад

Using the level 8 robot account, I had old school robots in my lineup especially boa. I only have 4 orkans so I had to use 3 on the fujin and 1 on the boa. Using 4 ...

4 MRK II ORKANS ON SPECTRE | Can Do 290,304 DAMAGE | War Robots

5 мес. назад

So as u can see in the title and beginning of the video. The spectre with 4 orkans can do 290304 damage with one clip...... That makes it the most output damage ...

War Robots - Робот SPECTRE на Orkan будет TOP!!!

6 мес. назад

Сотрудничество/реклама: https://vk.com/id442282023 Мой facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100018012556219 Тест сервер: ...

War Robots Mk2 ECU Spectre Taran VS Orkan Comparison Gameplay WR

2 мес. назад

War Robots Gameplay Comparison between Mk2 Ecu Spectre with Tarans and with Orkans - WR. I personally LOVE Spectre Gameplay with ECU. Because not ...

War Robots - Storm VS Orkan! Какое оружие мощнее?!!

3 мес. назад

Сотрудничество/реклама: https://vk.com/id442282023 Донат Рубли: http://www.donationalerts.ru/r/john_dolar Донат $: https://streamlabs.com/ДжонДоллар...

War Robots - 3 Orkan. Качаем до MK2!!!

8 мес. назад

Мой vk https://vk.com/id442282023 Мой facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100018012556219.

War Robots - Haechi Orkan MK2! Всем взводом!!!

5 мес. назад

Сотрудничество/реклама: https://vk.com/id442282023 Донат Рубли: http://www.donationalerts.ru/r/john_dolar Донат $: https://streamlabs.com/ДжонДоллар...

Todo sobre el R40M Orkan | War Robots | Mineplayer09

2 г. назад

Nuevo video informativo de War Robots sobre el R40M Orkan un arma mediana de misiles de corto alcance.


4 мес. назад

Chicos!!!! Exodus ya está en Test Server de War Robots! La probaremos en Inquisitor Exodus Orkans, Leo Exodus Piñatas y más combinaciones con esta arma!

War Robots Test Server 3.8: New Weapon Exodus (Heavy Orkan) | Best Weapons 2018

4 мес. назад

War Robots Test Server. Featuring the New Heavy Orkan or “Exodus”. So far this year we have tested some very interesting Heavy Weapons such as the Ember, ...

War Robots [WR] - Gareth Orkan/Pinata

2 г. назад

War Robots. In this short highlight video we take a look at some gameplay for the Gareth R40M Orkan/SURA-F Pinata build to see whether it's effective on the ...