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● So exactly 1 year ago I did my very first top 10 video titled: Top 10 MMORPGs of 2017
We've come a long way over the past year, being at around a few thousand subscribers at the time of posting that video, and currently coming in at almost 60,000 subscribers.
So what have we learned over the past year? Good question!
I recently uploaded a video titled "Are MMORPGs Worth Playing Anymore? The State Of MMOs And MMORPGs In 2018" - I recommend checking that out if you want my thoughts on what I've learned about MMORPGs over the last year.
● This is, after all, a top list featuring the top MMORPGs of this year. Right?
● Well, unfortunately there weren't 10 MMORPG releases this year. There were only a handful, and not a single release did good.
● So instead of a top 10 video featuring a non-existant list of MMORPGs, I figure I may as well go ahead and list the best MMORPGs left currently running with a enough of a population to continue playing.
Please note that this is a different kind of top video, as instead of listing 10 different games, I plan on going through - more than likely - quite a few more.
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