War Robots [3.4] Test Server Gameplay with the NEW Multi-Hanger Feature.
so let me start a Rant , through the past 2 years i kept crying to Pixonic in order to give us the option to chose which map we want to play on in order to Avoid all those cancerous Long Range Weapons , they Told me "we don't want people to play on specific maps with Specific Hangers and gain an Advantage" , at that point i was still unsatisfied because that issue can be fixed in many ways , but i didn't complain further because their excuse was acceptable.
well apparently that was all a lie in order to introduce this feature and force people into having twice (and up to 5 times) more maxed Robots and weapons if they want to play on any Map with the perfect hanger all the time , Pixonic never gave a shit about Balancing or fair Gameplay from the start , i was a dumbass to believe them.
a similar story with the windows platform , they separated it from Android just to force people into starting new account and buy Premium and gold rather than keep playing on their already existing accounts with the excuse that "Windows and Android are incompatible with each other" , well that's Stupid , there are many Cross-Platform Games out there and WR doesn't have anything that prevents it from being like them , but the more accounts you have the more likely that you are going to spend money into the game.
Music used:(in order)
Seum Dero & Yonetro - Sprint [Frequency - No Copyright Music]
/> Trixtor - Breaking Charms [Frequency - No Copyright Music]
/> Rogers & Dean - No Doubt [NCS Release]
/> Punker - Proteus [Ninety9Lives Release]
/> Dawns - Hero [Frequency - No Copyright Music]
/> ----------------------------------------------
this just keep getting worse and worse and i say we reached the point of no return now , expect more than 75% of WR players to quit before 2019.
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